Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Google Lit Trip

The classroom activity I decided to look further in depth into is the Google Lit Trip. This activity is actually a really cool way for students to further interact with the material that they are reading. The students are able to use Google Earth and they are able to map out where the book takes them as they read.

One of the most interesting ones that I would personally like to do, and possibly do with my kids, is the Google Lit Trip with the Krakauer's Into The Wild. I read this book over the summer while I was hiking through the Andes, and the scenary in the book helped me to better appreciate the scenary around me at the time. Krakauer's writing is very user-friendly, and the story is also very easy to follow, and adding in the actual scenary through Google Earth would give our students such a better perspective on how high certain cliffs are, how long certain rivers are, and how desolate certain areas are.

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  1. I have never read the book or hiked up in the Andes, but agree that google earth can be used to make real that which seems as distant as Mars to some of our students.

    It shows them that nothing is out of reach, that with a touch of a key pad, that they can now see the worlds they are reading about.

    I use it in all of my novels to teach setting, to show the distances. This helps them understand the geography, the distance, and location all of which stick better than looking at an oldfashioned map.