Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Google Earth and Pixton Comics

I used Google Earth in my classroom the other day, and I really enjoyed the application. I took a trip this past summer with some of my colleagues and on the trip I took a 5 day hike through the Andes all the way to Macchu Picchu. It was an amazing experience. I wanted to convey this with my students, however my pictures could not show the distance traveled. I used Google Earth to show my students the length of the route. They really enjoyed it! Many of my students returned to school the next day and told me that they had downloaded the program!

I also used Pixton comics in my classroom in order to teach the phrase "How are you?" in Spanish. It went very well, and even though the comic was sort of a side-note, it clearly showed my students how to use the phrase well.


  1. How did the pixton go in your classroom? I attempted to use it but my kids needed parental confirmation even though they're 16 and 17 and they either didn't have email or get back to the site in time for class. How'd you handle this issue? I can totally see the use for it in my class!

  2. I agree...these multimedia apps work great in the foreign language classroom. I used Pixton to introduce the same objective and my middle school students raved about it. They later went on and created unrelated comics, but I thought it was beneficial that they had been introduced to a great resource.