Tuesday, September 8, 2009

1st Day of Class

How would I characterize our first day in the Paperless classroom class? Scary and overwhelming. I am 23 years old. Before this class, I considered myself reasonably text savvy. I am on facebook, I used to have a myspace, I use email, and I know how to search on Google. However, after 2 hours with Shelley, I emerged from class feeling like a 90 year old grandma who has never even heard of a computer. I felt like a giant weight had been set upon my shoulders, and I must say that I am scared of this class. Even with the few email accounts and bill payments accounts that I have, I still have to write up reminder notes to pay them and check them. With all of the social media sites that we are going to be signing up for, I feel as if I will fall behind rather easily.

However, as I have always said in my life, and I will say now, it cannot kill ya to try anything once. So here it goes. Bring it on social media!

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  1. I wanted to post a comment on my own blog because I wanted to add something to the blog but I cannot figure out how to edit the blog itself. I wanted to remark on the movie that we watched the first day of class.

    The movie was very inspiring, and it really hit hard with me in terms of what direction the world is going in. I truly believe that the video and what Shelley is saying in class is the future of the educational classroom.