Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Teaching With Primary Sources

I read an article entitled "Supporting Inquiry Learning" from the Teaching with Primary Sources Quarterly. The article stated a case for 1) why inquiry-based learning is essential in the classroom, and 2) why primary sources should be used with inquiry-based lessons. The article talked about the 6 phases of inquiry-based lessons which are wonder, connect, investigate, construct, express, and reflect. The article explained how to walk students through an inquiry-based lesson so that they feel supported and so that they get the best out of the lesson.

The website itself, Teaching with Primary sources from the Library of Congress, was very confusing to me. I do not understand how to retrieve an article/book/source if I want it. I have used similar sites in the past, but they were thru my college, and I usually received a tutorial with each website. The website seems like a great source of primary sources, however, I would need a quick training session in order to fully figure out the website.

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  1. Kevin, that's good that you picked up on the confusing-ness of the lesson you chose because now you know what not to do when it comes to your students because if your confused what do think the kids will be...